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UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper II - June 2014

1.       Infrared signals can be used for short range communication in a closed area using ................... propagation.
(A) ground                    (B) sky
(C) line of sight                        (D) space
Answer: C
2.       A bridge has access to ............... address in the same network.
(A) Physical      (B) Network
(C) Datalink      (D) Application
Answer: A
3.       The minimum frame length for 10 Mbps Ethernet is ............. bytes and maximum is ................ bytes.
(A) 64 & 128                 (B) 128 & 1518
(C) 1518 & 3036          (D) 64 & 1518
Answer: D
4.       The bit rate of a signal is 3000 bps. If each signal unit carries 6 bits, the baud rate of the signal is ...............
(A) 500 baud/sec
(B) 1000 baud/sec
(C) 3000 baud/sec
(D) 18000 baud/sec
Answer: A
5.       Match the following:
List – I                                    List - II
a. Physical Layer                     i. Allow resources to network access
b. Datalink Layer                     ii. Move packets from one destination to other
c. Network Layer                      iii. Process to process message delivery
d. Transport Layer                   iv. Transmission of bit stream
e. Application Layer                v. Formation of frames
      a   b   c    d   e
(A) iv   v   ii   iii    i
(B) v   iv   i    ii    iii
(C) i    iii   ii   v    iv
(D) i    ii   iv   iii   v
Answer: A
6.       A grammar G is LL(1) if and only if the following conditions hold for two distinct productions A → α | β
I. First (α) ∩ First (β) ≠ {a} where a is some terminal symbol of the grammar.
II. First (α) ∩ First (β) ≠ λ
III. First (α) ∩ Follow(A) = φ if λ є First (β)
(A) I and II         (B) I and III
(C) II and III       (D) I, II and III
Answer: D
7.       Which of the following suffices to convert an arbitrary CFG to an LL(1) grammar ?
(A) Removing left recursion alone.
(B) Removing the grammar alone
(C) Removing left recursion and factoring the grammar
(D) None of the above
Answer: D
8.       A shift reduce parser suffers from
(A) shift reduce conflict only
(B) reduce reduce conflict only
(C) both shift reduce conflict and reduce reduce conflict
(D) shift handle and reduce handle conflicts
Answer: C
9.       The context free grammar for language L = {anbmck | k = |n - m|, n≥0,m≥0,k≥0} is
(A) S→S1S3, S1→aS1c |S2|λ, S2→aS2b|λ, S3→aS3b|S4| λ, S4→bS4c|λ
(B) S→S1S3, S1→aS1S2c |λ, S2→aS2b|λ, S3→aS3b|S4| λ, S4→bS4c|λ
(C) S→S1|S2, S1→aS1S2c|λ, S2→aS2b|λ, S3→aS3b|S4| λ, S4→bS4c|λ
(D) S→S1|S3, S1→aS1c |S2|λ, S2→aS2b|λ, S3→aS3b|S4| λ, S4→bS4c|λ
Answer: D

10.    The regular grammar for the language L = {w |na(w) and nb(w) are both even, wє{a, b}*} is given by :
(Assume, p, q, r and s are states)
(A) p→aq |br|λ, q→bs|ap
r→as|bp, s→ar|bq,
p and s are initial and final states.
(B) p→aq|br, q→bs|ap
r→as|bp, s→ar|bq,
p and s are initial and final states
(C) p→aq|br|λ, q→bs|ap
r→as|bp, s→ar|bq,
p is both initial and final states
(D) p→aq|br, q→bs|ap
r→as|bp, s→ar|bq,
p is both initial and final states.
Answer: C
11.    KPA in CMM stands for
(A) Key Process Area
(B) Key Product Area
(C) Key Principal Area
(D) Key Performance Area
Answer: A
12.    Which one of the following is not a risk management technique for managing the risk due to unrealistic schedules and budgets?
(A) Detailed multi source cost and schedule estimation
(B) Design Cost
(C) Incremental development
(D) Information hiding
Answer: D
13.    ................ of a system is the structure or structures of the system which comprise software elements, the externally visible properties of these elements and the relationship amongst them.
(A) Software construction
(B) Software evolution
(C) Software architecture
(D) Software reuse
Answer: C
14.    In function point analysis, the number of complexity adjustment factors is
(A) 10     (B) 12
(C) 14     (D) 20
Answer: C
15.    Regression testing is primarily related to
(A) Functional testing
(B) Development testing
(C) Data flow testing
(D) Maintenance testing
Answer: D
16.    How many different truth tables of the compound propositions are there that involve the propositions p & q ?
(A) 2       (B) 4
(C) 8       (D) 16
Answer: D
17.    A Boolean function F is called self-dual if and only if
How many Boolean functions of degree n are self-dual ?
(A) 2n                       (B) (2)2^n
(C) (2)n^2                (D) (2)2^n-1
Answer: D
18.    Which of the following statement(s) is(are) not correct ?
i. The 2's complement of 0 is 0.
ii. In 2's complement, the left most bit cannot be used to express a quantity.
iii. For an n-bit word (2's complement) which includes the sign bit, there are 2n-1 positive integers, 2n+1 negative integers and one 0 for a total of 2n unique states.
iv. In 2's complement the significant information is contained in the 1's of positive numbers and 0's of the negative numbers.
(A) i and iv        (B) i and ii
(C) iii                  (D) iv
Answer: C
19.    The notarion !xp(x) denotes the proposition "there exists a unique x such that P(x) is true".
Give the truth values of the following statements :
I. !xP(x) → xP(x)
II. !x ¬ P(x) → ¬xp(x)
(A) Both I and II are true
(B) Both I and II are false
(C) I-false, II-true
(D) I-true, II-false
Answer: A
20.    Give a compound proposition involving propositions p, q and r that is true when exactly two of p, q and r are true and is false otherwise.
(A) (pq¬r)  (p¬qr) ∧ (¬pqr)
(B) (pq¬r) ˄ (pq¬r) ∧ (¬pqr)
(C) (pq¬r) ∨ (p¬qr) ∧ (¬pqr)
(D) (pq¬r) ∨ (p¬qr) ∨ (¬pqr)
Answer: D
21.    Consider the graph given below as :
Which one of the following graph is isomorphic to the above graph?

Answer: C
22.    The upper bound and lower bound for the number of leaves in a B-Tree of degree K with height h is given by:
(A) Kh and 2ΓK/2˥h-1
(B) K*h and 2ʟK/2˩h-1
(C) Kh and 2ʟK/2˩h-1
(D) K*h and 2ΓK/2˥h-1
Answer: A
23.    Consider a complete bipartite graph km,n. For which values of m and n does this, complete graph have a Hamilton circuit
(A) m=3, n=2                 (B) m=2, n=3
(C) m=n≥2                     (D) m=n≥3
Answer: C
24.    Big-O estimates for the factorial function and the logarithm of the factorial function i.e. n! and log n! is given by
(A) O(n!) and O(n log n)
(B) O(nn) and O(n log n)
(C) O(n!) and O(log n!)
(D) O(nn) and O(log n!)
Answer: B
25.    How many cards must be chosen from a deck to guarantee that atleast
i. two aces of two kinds are chosen.
ii. two aces are chosen.
iii. two cards of the same kind are chosen.
iv. two cards of two different kinds are chosen
(A) 50, 50, 14, 5                        (B) 51, 51, 15, 7
(C) 52, 52, 14, 5                       (D) 51, 51, 14, 5
Answer: A

26.       Match the following with respect to the mobile computing technologies :
List-I                                       List-II
a. GPRS                        i. An integrated digital radio standard
b. GSM                          ii.3G wireless/Mobile technology
c. UMTS                                    iii. Nine different schemes for modulation and error correction
d. EDGE                        iv. An emerging wireless service that offers a mobile data
      a   b   c   d
(A) iii  iv   ii    i
(B) iv   i   ii    iii
(C) ii   iii  iv   i
(D) ii   i   iv   iii
Answer: B
27.       Object Request Broker (ORB) is
I. A software program that runs on the client as well as on the application server.
II. A software program that runs on the client side only.
III. A software program that runs on the application server, where most of the            components reside.
(A) I,II and III     (B) I & II
(C) II & III           (D) I only
Answer: D
28.       A software agent is defined as
I. A software developed for accomplishing a given task.
II. A computer program which is capable of acting on behalf of the user in order to accomplish a given computational task.
III. An open source software for accomplishing a given task.
(A) I        (B) II
(C) III      (D) All of the above
Answer: B
29.       Match the following:
List-I                                       List-II
a. Classification           i. Principal Component Analysis
b. Clustering                 ii. Branch and Bound
c. Feature Extraction   iii. K-nearest neighbour
d. Feature Selection   iv. K-means
      a    b    c    d
(A) iii   iv    ii     i
(B) iv   iii    i     ii
(C) iii   iv    i     ii
(D) iv   iii    ii    i
Answer: C
30.       SET, an open encryption and security specification model that is designed for protecting credit card transactions on the internet, stands for
(A) Secure Electronic Transaction
(B) Secular Enterprise for Transaction
(C) Security Electronic Transmission
(D) Secured Electronic Termination
Answer: A
31.       In a paged memory management algorithm, the hit ratio is 70%. If it takes 30 nanoseconds to search Translation Look-aside Buffer (TLB) and 100 nanoseconds (ns) to access memory, the effective memory access time is
(A) 91 ns           (B) 69 ns
(C) 200 ns         (D) 160 ns
Answer: D
32.       Match the following:
List-I                                                               List-II
a. Multilevel feedback queue                        i. Time-slicing
b. FCFS                                                 ii. Criteria to move processes between queues
c. Shortest process next                     iii. Batch processing
d. Round Robin Scheduling             iv. Exponential Smoothening
      a    b    c    d
(A) i     iii    ii    iv
(B) iv   iii    ii    i
(C) iii   i     iv    i
(D) ii    iii   iv    i
Answer: D
33.       Consider a system with five processes P0 through P4 and three resource types R1, R2 and R3. Resource type R1 has 10 instances, R2 has 5 instances and R3 has 7 instances. Suppose that at time T0, the following snapshot of the system has been taken :
R1        R2        R3
P0           0          1          0
P1           2          0          0 
P2           3          0          2
P3           2          1          1
P4           0          2          2

R1           R2        R3
7             5          3
3             2          2 
9             0          2
2             2          2
4             3          3

R1           R2        R3
3             3          2
Assume that now the process P1 requests one additional instance of type R1 and two instances of resource type R3. The state resulting after this allocation will be
(A) Ready State           (B) Safe State
(C) Blocked State        (D) Unsafe State
Answer: B
34.       Match the following:
List-I                                                      List-II
a. Contiguous Allocation       i. This scheme supports very large file sizes.
b. Linked allocation                 ii. This allocation technique supports only sequential files.
c. Indexed allocation               iii. Number of disks required to access file is minimal.
d. Multi-level indexed                         iv. This technique suffers from maximum wastage of space in storing pointers
      a    b    c    d
(A) iii    iv   ii     i
(B) iii    ii    iv    i
(C) i     ii    iv   iii
(D) i    iv    ii    iii
Answer: B

35.    Which of the following out commands will output "onetwothree"?
(A) for val; do echo-n $val; done < one two three
(B) for one two three; do echo-n-; done
(C) for n in one two three; do echo-n $n; done
(D) for n in one two three {echo-n $n}
Answer: C
36.    Merge sort makes two recursive calls. Which statement is true after these two recursive calls finish, but before the merge step?
(A) The array elements from a heap
(B) Elements in each half of the array are sorted amongst themselves.
(C) Elements in the first half of the array are less than or equal to elements in second half of the array
(D) All of the above
Answer: B
37.    A text is made up of the characters α, β, γ, δ and σ with the probability 0.12, 0.40,0.15, 0.08 and 0.25 respectively. The optimal coding technique will have the average length of
(A) 1.7    (B) 2.15
(C) 3.4    (D) 3.8
Answer: B
38.    Searching for an element in the hash table requires O(1) time for the ............... time, whereas for direct addressing it holds for the ............. time.
(A) worst-case, average
(B) worst-case, worst-case
(C) average, worst-case
(D) best, average
Answer: C
39.    An algorithm is made up of 2 modules M1 and M2. If time complexity of  modules M1 and M2 are h(n) and g(n) respectively, the time complexity of the algorithm is
(A) min (h(n),g(n))
(B) max (h(n),g(n))
(C) h(n) + g(n)
(D) h(n) * g(n)
Answer: B
40.    What is the maximum number of parenthesis that will appear on the stack at any one time for parenthesis expression given by
( ()     (())         (()) )
(A) 2       (B) 3
(C) 4       (D) 5
Answer: B
41.    Match the following:
List-I                                                      List-II
a. Automatic Storage Class               i. Scope of the variable is global.
b. Register Storage Class                  ii. Value of the variable persists
between different function calls.
c. Static Storage Class                       iii. Value stored in memory and local
to the block in which the variable is defined.
d. External Storage Class                  iv. Value stored in CPU registers.
      a    b    c    d
(A) iii    iv    i    ii
(B) iii    iv   ii    i
(C) iv   iii    ii    i
(D) iv   iii    i    ii
Answer: B
42.    When we pass an array as an argument to a function, what actually gets passed ?
(A) Address of the array
(B) Values of the elements of the array
(C) Base address of the array
(D) Number of elements of the array
Answer: C
43.    While (87) printf("computer");
The above C statement will
(A) print "computer" 87 times
(B) print "computer" 0 times
(C) print "computer" 1 times
(D) print "computer" infinite times
Answer: D
44.    A friend function can be used to
(A) avoid arguments between classes.
(B) allow access to classes whose source code is unavailable
(C) allow one class to access an unrelated class.
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
45.    Which of the following is the correct value returned to the operating system upon the successful completion of a program?
(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) -1
(D) Program do not return a value.
Answer: A
46.    Manager's salary details are hidden from the employee. This is called as
(A) Conceptual level data hiding
(B) Physical level data hiding
(C) External level data hiding
(D) Local level data hiding
Answer: C
47.    Which of the following statements is false ?
(A) Any relation with two attributes is in BCNF.
(B) A relation in which every key has only one attribute is in 2NF.
(C) A prime attribute can be transitively dependent on a key in 3NF relation.
(D) A prime attribute can be transitively dependent on a key in BCNF relation.
Answer: D
48.    A clustering index is created when ................
(A) primary key is declared and ordered
(B) no key ordered
(C) foreign key ordered
(D) there is no key and no order
Answer: A
49.    Let R ={A, B, C, D, E, F} be a relation schema with the following dependencies C→F,E→A,EC→D,A→B
Which of the following is a key for R ?
(A) CD   (B) EC
(C) AE    (D) AC
Answer: B
50.    Match the following:
List-I                                          List-II
a.DDL                                        i. LOCK TABLE
b. DML                                       ii. COMMIT
c. TCL                                        iii. Natural Difference
d. BINARY Operation             iv. REVOKE
      a    b    c    d
(A) ii     i    iii    iv
(B) i     ii    iv    iii
(C) iii   ii    i     iv
(D) iv   i    ii     iii
Answer: D
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