UGC NET Computer Science Solved Paper II - June 2009

1.       If x and y are independent Gaussian random variables with average value 0 and with same variance, their joint probability density function is given by:
(A) p(x,y)=p(x).p(y)       (B) p(x,y)=p(x)+p(y)
        (C) p(x,y)=p(x+y)          (D) p(x,y)=p(x).p(y)+p(x)
2.       In order that a code is ‘t’ error correcting, the minimum Hamming distance should be:
(A) t                    (B) 2t-1
(C) 2t                  (D) 2t+1
Answer: D
3.       The Boolean expression x’y’z+yz+xz is equivalent to:
(A) x                   (B) y
(C) z                   (D) x+y+z
Answer: C
4.       The characteristic equation of a JK flip flop is:
(A) Qn+1=J.Qn+K.Qn                  (B) Qn+1=J.Q’n+K’.Qn
(C) Qn+1=QnJ.K                        (D) Qn+1=(J+K)Qn
Answer: B
5.       In order to implement a n variable switching function, a MUX must have:
(A) 2n inputs     (B) 2n+1 inputs
(C) 2n-1 inputs   (D) 2n-1 inputs
Answer: A
6.       The throughput of pure ALOHA is given by:
(A) S=G (B) S=e2G
(C) S=Ge2G       (D) Ge-2G
Answer: D
7.       The Fiber Distributed Data Interface uses:
(A) single mode fibers and LEDs
(B) multimode fibers and LEDs
(C) single mode fibers and ILDs
(D) multimode fibers and ILDs
Answer: B
8.       To employ multi-access in GSM, users are given different:
(A) time slots     (B) bandpass filters
(C) handsets    (D) frequency bands
Answer: B
9.       With a four programs in memory and with 80% average I/O wait, the CPU utilization is?
(A) 60% (B) 70%
(C) 90% (D) 100%
Answer: A
10.    Assume N segments in memory and a page size of P bytes. The wastage on account of internal fragmentation is:
(A) NP/2 bytes  (B) P/2 bytes
(C) N/2 bytes    (D) NP bytes
Answer: A

11.    Assertion(A): Bit maps are not often used in memory management.
Reason(R): Searching a bitmap for a run of given length is a slow operation.
(A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is correct explanation for (A)
(B) Both(A) and (R) are true but (R) is not correct explanation for (A)
(C) (A) is true (R) is false
(D) (A) is false (R) is true
Answer: A
12.    The complete graph with four vertices has k edges where k is:
(A) 3                   (B) 4
(C) 5                   (D) 6
Answer: D
13.    The octal equivalent of hexadecimal (A.B)16 is:
(A) 47.21                       (B) 12.74
(C) 12.71                       (D) 17.21
Answer: B
14.    A reduced state table has 18 rows. The minimum number of flip flops needed to implement the sequential machine is:
(A) 18                 (B) 9
(C) 5                   (D) 4
Answer: C
15.    What is the value of ‘b’ after the execution of the following code statements:
(A) 20                 (B) 22
(C) 23                 (D) None
Answer: D
16.    Which of the following does not represent a valid storage class in ’c’?
(A) automatic    (B) static
(C) union          (D) extern
Answer: C
17.    The friend functions are used in situations where:
(A) We want to have access to unrelated classes
(B) Dynamic binding is required
(C) Exchange of data between classes to take place
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
18.    (i) DML includes a query language based on both relation algebra and tuple calculus
(ii) DML includes a query language based on tuple calculus
(iii) DML includes a query language based on relational algebra
(iv) DML includes a query language based on none of the relational algebra and tuple calculus
Which one is correct?
(A) (i) only         (B) (ii) only
(C) (iii) only       (D) (iv) only
Answer: A
19.    Suppose it takes 100 ns to access a page table and 20 ns to access associative memory with a 90% hit rate, the average access time equals:
(A) 20 ns                       (B) 28 ns
(C) 90 ns                       (D) 100 ns
Answer: B
20.    There exists a construct which returns a value ‘true’ if the argument subquery is:
(A) empty           (B) non-empty
(C) in error        (D) none of the above
Answer: B

21.       Which construct in SQL is used to test whether a subquery has any tuples in its result?
(A) UNIQUE                  (B) EXISTS
(C) GROUP BY            (D) EXCEPT
Answer: B
22.       ORACLE supports:
(A) inner join and outer join only
(B) outer join and semi join only
(C) inner join, outer join , semi join only
(D) inner join, outer join, semi join and anti join
23.       Which two of the following are equivalent for an undirected graph  G?
(i) G is a tree
(ii) There is at least one path between any two distinct vertices of G
(iii) G contains no cycles and has (n-1) edges
(iv) G has n edges
(A) (i) and (ii)
(B) (i) and (iii)
(C) (i) and (iv)
(D) (ii) and (iii)
Answer: B
24.       In a B tree of order m with p nodes the average number of splits is at most:

Answer: B
25.       The prepositional formula given by the tree:
(A) ˄˅x2˅x1¬x1¬x1
(B) (x2˅¬x2)˄(x1˅x2)
(C) (¬x1˅x2)˄(¬x1˅x2)
(D) None
Answer: C
26.       Queue is a ............. list.
(A) LIFO             (B) LILO
(C) FILO                        (D) FIFO
Answer: D
27.       In a full binary tree of height k, there are ................. internal nodes.
(A) 2k-1              (B) 2k-1
(C) 2k                  (D) 2k+1
Answer: A
28.       A binary tree is said to have heap property if the elements along any path:
(A) from leaf to root are non-increasing
(B) from leaf to root are non-decreasing
(C) from root to leaf are non-decreasing
(D) from root to leaf are non-increasing
Answer: D
29.       X.25 protocol consists of:
(A) Physical and Frame levels
(B) Frame and Packet levels
(C) Physical, Frame and Packet levels
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
30.    GSM/CDMA systems:
(A) are limited to very low speed data
(B) require no local loop wires
(C) are predominantly used for voice
(D) all of the above
Answer: D

31.    Usually information security in a network is achieved by:
(A) Layering                  (B) Cryptography
(C) Grade of service    (D) None of the above
Answer: B
32.    The linker:
(A) is similar to interpreter
(B) uses source code as its input
(C) is required to create a load module
(D) none of the above
Answer: C
33.    In which addressing mode the operand is given explicitly in the instruction itself?
(A) Absolute mode      (B) Immediate mode
(C) Indirect mode         (D) Index mode
Answer: B
34.    A compiler that runs on one machine and produces code for a different machine is called:
(A) Cross compilation             (B) One pass compilation
(C) Two pass compilation      (D) None of the above
Answer: A
35.    Any syntactic construct that can be described by a regular expression can also be described by a:
(A) Context sensitive grammar
(B) Non context free grammar
(C) Context free grammar
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
36.    Find the odd man out:
(A) tail                (B) cut
(C) wart              (D) sed
Answer: C
37.    Which of the following changes permission to deny write permission to group and others?
(A) Chmod go-w filex              (B) Chmod go w filex
(C) Chmod go=w filex             (D) None of the above
Answer: A
38.    Variable partition memory management technique with compaction results in:
(A) Reduction of fragmentation
(B) Minimal wastage
(C) Segment sharing
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
39.    Capability Maturity Model is meant for:
(A) Product                               (B) Process
(C) Product and Process        (D) None of the above
Answer: B
40.     In the light of software engineering software consists of:
(A) Programs                (B) Data
(C) Documentation     (D) All of the above
Answer: D
41.    Which one of the following ISO standard is used for software process?
(A) ISO 9000     (B) ISO 9001
(C) ISO 9003    (D) ISO 9000-3
Answer: D
42.    Which of the following is used for test data generation?
(A) White box                           (B) Black box
(C) Boundary-value analysis            (D) All of the above
Answer: C
43.    Reverse engineering is the process which deals with:
(A) Size measurement            (B) Cost measurement
(C) Design recovery                (D) All of the above
Answer: C
44.    The spacing between character pairs is called:
(A) Kerning       (B) x-height
(C) intercap       (D) serif
Answer: A
45.    When compared with analog cellular systems, an advantage of digital TDMA cellular system is that:
(A) it is less complicated
(B) it requires less of computer memory
(C) it conserves spectrum bandwidth
(D) it costs less
Answer: C
46.    E-commerce includes:
(A) B2C (B) B2B
(C) C2C (D) All of the above
Answer: D
47.    A clustering technique that permits a convenient graphical display is:
(A) partition based clustering
(B) probabilistic model based clustering
(C) hierarchical clustering
(D) agglomerative clustering
Answer: C
48.    After sending a message, the sender should not be able to, at a later date, deny having sent the message, is referred to as:
(A) Authenticity                        (B) Non-Repudiability
(C) Auditability                         (D) Repudiability
Answer: B
49.    The device which connects dissimilar LANs of different topologies using different sets of communication protocols so that information can flow from one to another is called:
(A) Router                     (B) Bridge
(C) Gateway                 (D) Switch
Answer: C
50.    We cannot delete the .................. icon but we can made it invisible.
(A) Recycle                               (B) My Computer
(C) Internet explorer                (D) None of the above
Answer: A

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